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Ink & Inkwash on bristol board
Art by Francesco Francavilla

Doing a one-a-day original art sale on all May long, so if you never get a chance to go to a show I am doing, this is your opportunity to buy some original art from me.
Day 16 brings you a beloved villain: the DALEK!

This original art is going for sale around 7.30 PM ET today!




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CITYWIDE: a collective exhibition

Just wanted to take a moment to give a plug for this Kickstarter. CITYWIDE is a collective exhibition between a lot of great galleries and arts groups that will be taking place throughout Philadelphia in November. There’s only a week to go to, and we still need to raise over $1,000, so this could come down to the wire.

Meeting the goal is important since it will help the project match funds from the Knight Art Challenge, as well as put together an exhibition catalog that will document the participants. In addition, each group participating will receive an honorarium, which will help everyone keep doing good, creative things in the city, if the funding is secured.

For CITYWIDE, BYO Print, the print shop that I’m a member at, will be pairing up with Paradigm Gallery. Jason Chen and Sara McCorriston, the curators at Paradigm, will be doing a month long residency at BYO Print, and the members of BYO Print will be having a curated show at Paradigm in November. In addition, if we secure the honorarium, the funds will go towards helping the print shop complete our lithography studio.

So, needless to say, this is all important, and any support you can give would be greatly appreciated! Let’s keep cool things happening in Philadelphia!

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July Summertime Sale - 2013 Edition

I’m having a sale at my online store, now through the end of July. All you have to do is use the code JULYHEAT when you checkout, and you’ll save 20% on all your items. 

This sale also applies to the the already discounted print sets that are currently available in the shop. Just so you know.

Below are just a few of the items available. There are also comics, sketchbooks, and even original art. You can see all of the items right here.



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