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Empirical Pictures: The Final Images of Wes Anderson

The cinema of Wes Anderson has always been rooted firmly within the notion of theatrical storytelling. This can be presented in a myriad of ways. Be it through his ability to meticulously craft mise-en-scene, displaying bold and almost storybook-like frames, or through his tendency to do away with multiple cuts within a scene, allowing the actors to walk through sequences as would be done in the theatre. His final images are not without similar traits. Each frame serves to traditionally provide a refreshed equilibrium, whilst also alluding to an intrinsic sense of hope and a journey that has not yet finished. 

- Intern Samuel (samuelclark101)

Bottle Rocket | 1996

Rushmore | 1998

The Royal Tenenbaums | 2001

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou | 2004

The Darjeeling Limited & Hotel Chevalier | 2007

Fantastic Mr. Fox | 2009

Moonrise Kingdom | 2012

Prada: Candy | 2013

Castello Cavalcanti | 2013

The Grand Budapest Hotel | 2014

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