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Have you been watching True Detective? If you’re in the UK then unless you are a no-good illegally-downloading lawbreaker then the answer will be ‘I have not, but I sure am excited about seeing it when it starts this weekend on Sky Atlantic’.

Well True Detective is GREAT, and here is a little editorial spot i did to accompany it’s launch. I promise the girl in the antlers will make more sense when you see it, but i was pretty happy with how this turned out.

For those of you without Sky, i recommend you take the law into your own hands and track down the five (of eight) currently aired episodes, if only for the staggering six minute tracking shot that concludes episode four. Amazing stuff.

Having watched a few episodes of this last night for the first time, I have a better appreciation for this illustration. Outstanding work.

And yes, True Detective… excellent show. A must see.

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Valentine’s Day Sale… One More Week!

There’s just one more week for the Valentine’s Day sale at my Storenvy shopUse the code “VALENTINE" to get 20% off on all prints and art when you checkout.

Sale applies to such items as the original illustration for The Apartment (above), and the prints from The Royal Tenenbaums. 

The sale ends Friday at midnight. So please visit 
to see all the artwork that’s available!


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I dropped a little tease of this last week, but seeing as it’s only days to go until Gallery1988 open the doors for the latest installment of Crazy 4 Cult, i figured it was time to share it properly.

And as you can see, it’s inspired by the utterly wonderful Princess Mononoke. Not much else to say really other than this was doubly inspired by both loving the film AND having just hung the great great Olly Moss Mondo print in my lounge, so seeing it every day has meant it’s on my mind.

This is a four color screen print (printed by the good folk at Half and Half), and will be on sale from FRIDAY at the Gallery1988 pop up space at the corner of Bowery and 3rd, New York and online sometime over the weekend in an edition of 30.

GodDAM this is awesome! Matt Taylor strikes again!

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