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Last couple random pages from Time Lords of the Chronometer. I think I’m all caught up in posting now.

One of the things I haven’t been able to include in my posts are the dossiers that accompany the Time Lord portraits. These are written by a trio of ‘tourists’ to the Chronometer, who are part of a secretive, paranormal group. I keep the identities of these three somewhat obscure, hoping that people can figure out the mystery themselves. Let’s just say two of them are well-respected comic writers, and the third is a very prominent musician. 

Also, I realized that I had forgotten two of the most important time travelers in history, Bill and Ted. Perhaps a sequel will be in order? 

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It’s done! My contribution to the Sketchbook Project 2012 is finally complete, and will be sent out today to the Brooklyn Art Library. Cutting it close to the deadline, but it had to be done. The book is a little worn out, I pushed it to the limit, but it held up to all my worrying and obsessing and I’m pretty proud of the little guy. 

The book contains a series of portraits and scenes from a mysterious group called the ‘Time Lords of the Chronometer.’ Each portrait includes a fold out that describes their history, powers and responsibilities. Some of them may even seem a little familiar to you…

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Even more pages from Time Lords of the Chronometer for the Sketchbook Project 2012

I realize it may be difficult to understand the context of these illustrations. Eventually, there will be text included in the final book, set up as investigative dossiers of the Time Lords, but until then all I can show you are the images. Hopefully they catch your interest!

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Some more pages from my Sketchbook Project 2012 submission, Time Lords of the Chronometer.

Both The Doctor and Wells, in the little Time Lord mythos I’ve been developing, are both shapeshifters to some extent. The Doctor will assume an avatar which he’ll keep for an unspecified amount of time (in this case, physicist Richard Feynman), while Wells becomes someone else on each of it’s time travel missions. And while The Doctor’s avatars are predominantly male, Wells fluctuates between sexes, races, and even species. 

(End geek-out).

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