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Time Lords of the Chronometer

If you’ve been following my Tumblr for a while, you may have noticed random postings I’ve made for my Sketchbook Project 2012 book Time Lords of the Chronometer. Well, you can now get your very own copy at my Storenvy shop.

Below is a sample dossier from the book, along with a couple images. Thanks for your support!

Time Lord of 2:00 - Emmett Brown
Place & Time of Origin - Hill Valley, California, United States of America, 1985 CE

Of the Time Lords that we’ve met on our visit to the Chronometer, ‘Doctor’ Emmett Brown seems to be the most grounded, even though his head is in the clouds. He rarely travels through time, and yet he knows more about it than The Doctor, Diana Prince, and Ben Franklin combined. He can go on for hours about quadratic wormholes and dimensional ribbons and parallel doppelgangers, until your brain is jelly and your head is spinning. But he means well. His workshop is filled with gadgets and devices that make time travel possible, and chalkboards surround the room, covered with complex and infinite equations, acting almost like wallpaper.

Dr. Brown’s chief responsibility is the upkeep of the Chronometer, the Citadel of Time, and the various vehicles that the Time Lords use to travel through time. In this regard he works closely with Wells, Franklin, and The Doctor, who seem to travel through time the most. In the past he has had a close association with Maria, but according to Tesla, he has left the care of the Chronometer to her since the episode with the Matrix. I wish we could have learned more about how this changed her, but it seems like a mystery even to the Time Lords, and one that few of them want to solve.

Brown is also distinguished as being the first Time Lord to be pulled from history to become a Time Lord, at least of the current roster. He claims that it was the Mother aspect of Infinity that pulled him to the Citadel of Time, to repair the TARDIS vehicle that had rebelled and nearly killed the Ovid avatar of The Doctor. To fix the vehicle, Brown somehow transmitted the essence of Marilyn Monroe into it to counter its unhinged and belligerent nature, and to subsume and take control of it. The vehicle now goes by the name TARDA (and is now red instead of its previous shade of blue), and is the home to The Doctor and his associates. When I asked him why he and Infinity choose Ms. Monroe, he stated matter-of-factly, ‘Because we needed a feminine essence to balance the apparent hypermasculinity of the device. And because, truth be told, she was available.’

Dr. Brown was kind enough to provide us with a wealth of information about the Chronometer and the mysteries of Time, and yet its deepest secrets he kept to himself. So while we may glean a great deal of information, I’m afraid we will come away with more questions than answers. Such is to be expected from the Time Lords. His current project is deciphering the secrets of the Tesseract Ray with Margaret Murry, the one time travel device he did not have a hand in creating, and the mysteries of which still elude him. But I’m confident that he will learn them, in time. 



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Last couple random pages from Time Lords of the Chronometer. I think I’m all caught up in posting now.

One of the things I haven’t been able to include in my posts are the dossiers that accompany the Time Lord portraits. These are written by a trio of ‘tourists’ to the Chronometer, who are part of a secretive, paranormal group. I keep the identities of these three somewhat obscure, hoping that people can figure out the mystery themselves. Let’s just say two of them are well-respected comic writers, and the third is a very prominent musician. 

Also, I realized that I had forgotten two of the most important time travelers in history, Bill and Ted. Perhaps a sequel will be in order? 

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Even more pages from Time Lords of the Chronometer for the Sketchbook Project 2012

I realize it may be difficult to understand the context of these illustrations. Eventually, there will be text included in the final book, set up as investigative dossiers of the Time Lords, but until then all I can show you are the images. Hopefully they catch your interest!

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Some more pages from my Sketchbook Project 2012 submission, Time Lords of the Chronometer.

Both The Doctor and Wells, in the little Time Lord mythos I’ve been developing, are both shapeshifters to some extent. The Doctor will assume an avatar which he’ll keep for an unspecified amount of time (in this case, physicist Richard Feynman), while Wells becomes someone else on each of it’s time travel missions. And while The Doctor’s avatars are predominantly male, Wells fluctuates between sexes, races, and even species. 

(End geek-out).

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